A College Degree + Home Ownership =

Would YOU like to leave College with more than just a Diploma and a pile of Student Loans? If you are living with roommates anyway wouldnt it be nice to have them Help YOU Pay for YOUR House rather than pay some crumby landlord? The Tallahassee Real Estate Market is ripe with opportunities to Purchase Quality Student Housing at a Price that makes sense to You Financially.

You have probably heard of FHA (Federal Housing Authority) Loans. But you may not know that the FHA has a Special Loan Program that can help College Students Buy a home while they are in school rather than rent. The loan Program is commonly referred to as a "Kiddy Condo" Loan. However, it does not need to be for a "Kiddy" or a "Condo".
Below are a few points about the program:

  1. The Property can be a Condo, Townhouse, Single Family House, or Multi-Family House.
  2. The Owner/Occupant does not have to have any income, because the Incomes and Debts are pooled together with the Co-Borrower, who must be a Family Member.
  3. The Owner/Occupant does need to have good credit; because guidelines change it is important to talk to a Good Local Lender.
  4. The Minimum Down Payment is only 3.5%. On $120,000 that is only $4,200.
  5. The Owner/Occupant can claim Homestead exemption even if the Co-Borrower lives in Florida and has Homestead on another home.

So there is some of the How YOU can buy a Home while
Going to School in Tallahassee. 
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